#Stellenbucks is back

Sound like an excuse to eat out? It is!

The Stellenbucks Restaurant Rewards Campaign rewards in-dining restaurant customers with a voucher that can be redeemed via SnapScan Wallet at any participating restaurant within the campaign period. When redeeming your voucher at a participating restaurant, if the bill is more than the value of the voucher, you’ll pay the difference through SnapScan. You will earn another voucher to the value of 30% of what you’ve spent, to a maximum value of R250, provided the difference is R300 or more.

Everything you need to know...

Get a voucher to the value of 30% of your bill* to redeem on another wonderful meal in Stellenbosch.

( *Provided you’ve spent a minimum of R300. Maximum voucher value is R250. )

How it works

  1. A family of 4 dines at a Stellenbosch restaurant and the total bill is R900 including wine and tip
  2. The customer pays with SnapScan.
  3. Immediately after the transaction a voucher for 30% of the bill to 3 a max of R250 is loaded onto the SnapScan wallet of the customer.
  4. The R250 SnapScan voucher is valid until 30 September 2023 and can only be redeemed at participating Stellenbucks restaurants and wineries.